How to manage Customer Relationships productively

How to manage Customer Relationships productively

You will never have a product or cost advantage again. These can be duplicated easily, but having a potential Customer Service network cannot be copied.

-Jerry Fritz

The basis of a brand or business has been formed through customers and the relationships maintained with them. An enterprise is nothing without a customer and a customer is nothing without an enterprise. There is a relationship between the two, termed as 'Mutualism’.This kind of relationship only develops when both the parties are dependent on each other, and both get benefits from this symbiosis.

Therefore, it becomes crucial that brands must be aware of the importance of Customer Relationships. They also must know how to manage them productively.

Importance of Customer Relationships

It is high time to concede the importance of Customer Relationships which have been overlooked by many. The following are the reasons why Customer Relationships are vital:

  • It is the foundation on which a business forms.

  • It is the initial stage of a customer experience journey.

  • It is only potent customer relationships that take the brands a long way.

  • It is only relationships with customers that build a perspective about a brand.

  • Most importantly, happy customers are a great source of publicity, they build more customers.

The reasons for maintaining healthy Customer Relationships are unending but these reasons can help in some way to get on track. Along with it, all must learn how to manage a Customer Relationship productively.

Tips to maintain Customer Relationships productively

Clients always rely on companies to provide the best service and look for forming long-term connections. If businesses fail to give their best services, customers don't trust anymore on brands to establish a long-term relationship. Hence,it is better to learn regarding sustaining relationships with them.

The given tips will help to do so:

  1. Approach customers in a customized manner: In this period, people love getting customized texts and messages because it makes them feel valued. Sending customized and personalized texts, invitations, emails, etc will help the brand to stay engaged with customers. Ultimately customers will find this effort attractive and will engage with the brand as well. This is a better way to capture their attention plus adds value to the relationship.

  2. Frequent check on customers: Customer's attention can be obtained through automated services. Nobody minds being asked and served first. Hence, it is more suitable that brands must train their executives to keep a check on their customer's requirements and needs. This can improve relationships furthermore along with the brand's overall services.

  3. Avoid transactional relationships: The only connection to avoid on the journey with a customer is a transactional relationship. A Transactional Relationship means getting in touch with the customer at the time of a buy or knowing the customer slightly or not knowing him/her at all. This kind of relationship might work in some cases where both parties don't have an issue. But if you want a long-term connection with the customer, try to avoid it.

  4. Create a community: Creating communities for your brands helps the customers to interact and share their thoughts. In return, this will extend the bond of their clients with brands that bound them all unitedly. Therefore, it is essential to have community programs as they will enhance long-term linkages. This is also a chance to know about your consumers better and get updates.

  5. Appropriate use of technology: No doubt, this is the era of technological enthusiasts yet a lot of opportunities are missed by many in the technical world. The reason is the inappropriate use of technology. When it comes to maintaining a Customer Relationship, IT(Information Technology) can help in many ways, for instance; the use of systems like chatbots, personal call assistance, or the use of software solutions like CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and much more. All these techniques can take Customer Relationships to the next level because it can help you and your customers connect often.

  6. Realizing the vitality of a Customer Relationship, the above-cited tips can help your brand to achieve the best and long-term Customer Relationship.


    You will never have a product or cost advantage again. These can be duplicated easily, but having a potential Customer Service network cannot be copied.

    -Rick Tate

    There are no relationships without efforts and it is only efforts that lead to a meaningful result. A productive Customer Relationship is built on the effort that a company puts to strengthen it. However, several organisations became unsuccessful in doing so because of the lack of appropriate efforts. Today, it is required to choose correct efforts for customer retention as the competition rate is high and every other firm offers its best. Therefore, a qualitative approach is to be applied for the maintenance of a productive Customer Relationship.

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    Date : 25/06/2021 | Author : Priyanka Nahar

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