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Data Management

Data Management

  • Upload Excel or CSV files and update the records through customized rules which will ensure that your data is always clean
  • The data can be segregated based on predefined rules which govern each segment/bucket (Bucket 1, Bucket 2, Bucket 3, etc.)
  • You also have an error page where you can see the records that didn’t, unfortunately, conform to the upload rules
  • Once the data is uploaded, you can choose from various options to allocate the records to your team which can be manual or automated to avoid human errors and save time
  • While allocating, you can have multiple permutations & combinations to ensure effective utilization of data
  • You can change the allocation logic from time to time and along the way

API Integrations

  • Integrate with the LMS to push the customer information to and from the CRM
  • This helps in following up with customers daily/weekly/ monthly collection information with regards to the due date and other information updates
  • Payment API to push any payment information when the payment is made in real-time
API Integrations
Manage Records

Manage Records

  • The contact page is a custom design to help the Collections team to have various segregated views to see the records in a specific manner –
  • Filters based on Buckets, Status, Disposition, Assignment, processed and unprocessed Status of overall records further segregated by unprocessed, processed, overdue and PTPs
  • Each record then has all the customer details that exists in the file
  • Alignment of fields –using the experience of our UI designer and working in conjunction with the customer, the fields are placed and spaced conforming to the design standards and ease of use
  • Records are integrated with email, SMS, and cloud telephony. There is a security tab to track the users who have accessed the record and the changes that they have made
  • The records can be collaborated with field agents who can access via mobile

Account Management

  • Create various teams like the user, admin, senior admin, etc..under the multiple departments according to the organization structure and can have multiple levels of role-based access
  • There can be further segregation of users based on in-house and external agencies tie-ups to further control access
  • All the interactions of each customer are recorded
  • You can change your dashboards, add new items and remove with ease
  • Create your customised reports with various parameters you would like to track and choose the visualization graph that best describes the information

Account Management
Communication Suite

Communication Suite

  • Telephony Integration - Call or schedule the call to the customer with ease from the application itself
  • Email Integration - send emails to your co-workers, vendors, partners, and customers with a various template created to avoid human errors
  • SMS & WhatsApp Integration - Whether you need standard SMS responses, payment links, or any other important promotion information regarding your products; do it all with a click of a button

Performance & Analytics

  • Create your own customized reports. There are some custom reports that are exhibited, they can be further customized based on your need.
  • Track what is important to you and the management through customized data visualization on your dashboard
  • You have the ability to change your dashboards, add new items and remove the ones that are not so important to you with ease
  • Option to download various parameters from every single page in the application

Performance & Analytics


  • Dual factor authentication has been introduced, wherein the user has to login using their official email ID and their registered mobile number through randomly generated OTP
  • Data encryption is done for sensitive data like customer phone, email
  • SSL certificate to ensure no breach in the data traffic over the internet

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