Answer: Creysto is a Customer Relationship Management tool designed to help you manage your customers. It can be used for functions likes Sales, Customer Service and/or Collections
We are aligned to our customer’s business hours and are available most of the time. However, our official work timings indicate - ‘We work from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 7 PM’
Go to our Contact Us page, Submit your details for a demo. Based on your preferred time and date, we will schedule a call to walk you through our product and its benefits. Once you are satisfied, we will sign you up
Creysto is a very malleable tool that allows for it to be shaped exactly as per your requirement. It can be customized to your comfort. It has multiple features suitable to address all your needs in making your interactions better with your team. With low cost and easy payment options, you can get started easily.
Cryesto can be used to create fields, queues, workflows (simple or complex). It has a lot of built-in features that allow you to harness the power of automation and analytics thereby increasing efficiency and decreasing cost.
Better customer management is the core of all functionalities. Have a better grip on sales, create multiple teams serving specific purposes, collaborate with your team on the field, telephony options, and many more. All these features will help you in increasing efficiency and reducing cost
Creysto comes in a range of pricing and easy payment options. Do check out the Pricing page to understand more. Do call in for a demo and we will work out something special.
Cryesto can be used for various process functions and is malleable to accommodate multiple organizational functions. You can use it for various functions of Sales, Customer Service or Collections
Creysto is a right fit for any industry which strives to manage their customers in an organized and efficient manner. Dip into the various features provided by Creysto to maximize your efficiency and reduce your costs
Yes. Small businesses can benefit greatly from Creysto which comes with a host of features and cost-efficient plans.
Data can be uploaded using Excel or CSV file or integrated with an API with the source database
Yes, Creysto has multiple options depending on the customer requirement.
Creysto team doesn’t have access to any of the customer’s data as all the data is encrypted at the database level.
It takes 24 hours once the requirements are submitted to have a customized solution ready for GO LIVE
There are multiple ways of migrating your data; give us a call and we will set you up with one of our engineers
Creysto integrates through API. If your application has API then leave the rest to us, we will be able to integrate it.
Yes Creysto can be integrated with multiple source database provided with the API
Yes, we will assign an Account Manager for each customer to whom they can reach out any time during business hours.
We won't share any customer’s data as its completely encrypted at the database level
You can join us by applying for Partner Program and earn a reward for each sale
Creysto is a web-based application. All you need is a broadband connection to connect. There are various security features to ensure only authorized users can access. To know more please go to Contact Us page and drop in your details or call us on the number mentioned on the website.
Yes, We do have a telephony service integrated however, if you have one we can integrate that as well.

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