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Customer Service CRM

Customer Management

Customer Management

  • Get all your customer data in one place & keep a track of all the orders
  • You can raise tickets liaise with various departments, mark them as an escalation and get special teams to look into it
  • Track their rating for you and your product. Gain insights into what made them happy or unhappy
  • Have a special tracker for your premium customers when they reach out to yo

Omni Channel support

  • Let customers reach out to you by any and all mediums at their disposal – Phone, email, chat or social media handles like Twitter, FB, Instagram, etc.
  • Cloud telephony solution for better reach outs at low cost. Have an IVR set up with customized messages
  • Record all your conversation and through various reports track the calling performance – no. of calls received, no. of calls made, avg. Talk time, avg. handle time, average wrap time, etc.
  • Conference your calls, escalate the calls to the designated supervisors, and handle all your customer queries with ease.

Omni Channel support
Performance & Analytics

Performance & Analytics

  • Create your own customized reports. There are some custom reports that are exhibited, they can be further customized based on your need.
  • Track what is important to you and the management through customized data visualization on your dashboard
  • You have the ability to change your dashboards, add new items and remove the ones that are not so important to you with ease
  • Option to download various parameters from every single page in the application

Communications Suite

  • Telephony Integration - Call or schedule the call to the customer with ease from the application itself
  • Email Integration - send emails to your co-workers, vendors, partners, and customers with a various template created to avoid human errors
  • SMS & WhatsApp Integration - Whether you need standard SMS responses, payment links, or any other important promotion information regarding your products; do it all with a click of a button

Communications Suite

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