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Selling is simple. The sales process is complex. If at all there existed a lens through which we could see our future customers, the set of people who need our service, or the folks whose misery ends by just embracing our product; we would all be in a better place. To identify a customer, we need to reach out to many, explain our product and our price, and then get them to buy our product. The process becomes complex when we reach out to a large number of prospects through various channels, getting them to engage with us at a time convenient to them and then making a pitch along with the critical pricing discussion. All of this has many components - how many customers were reached out through each channel, was that the optimum effort? Could we have done more? How successful was each channel? Did I follow up on all my contacts promptly? and many such questions hound us when it comes to Sales. Well, all of this and more can be done through Creysto. A simple tool to manage your most complex Sales operations.

Features of Creysto Sales CRM

Lead generation

Lead generation

  • Easy connect to prospect database/website or any other lead source
  • Create & Segregate teams, create call series, call campaigns, Conference, transfer, record the conversation or escalate by just a click of a button for better conversions
  • Dashboards to track live performance of the calls being made by individuals & various teams
  • Reports to tabulate, review and strategize

Lead Management and Closure

  • Track your prospects through effective reminders & call back option
  • Create workflows, escalation management process and automate them for movement of leads through various teams or departments for effective prospect management till closure
  • Create cross-sell opportunities
  • Track all the revenue & performance based on products sold, individual sales manager performance, etc.
Lead Management and Closure
Communication suite

Communication suite

  • Track all the revenue & performance based on products sold, individual sales manager performance, etc.
  • Send customized updates through templated responses
  • Empower your field teams by giving them access to data through their mobile
  • You can track their visits, get updates and generate reports to decide the next course of action

Role based access

  • You can create multiple departments & multiple teams within each department & multiple levels within each team
  • Creysto gives you the luxury to add teams external to your organization like your partners or vendors and control their access through a smart configuration
  • Smart tracker enables you to track the total productive hours of each team like login/logout time and have automated actions based on late logins or early logouts
Role based access


  • Creysto has dual-factor authentication, wherein the user has to log in using their official email ID and the registered mobile number by entering system generated OTP
  • Data encryption is done for sensitive data like customer phone, email, etc...
  • SSL certificate to ensure no breach in the data traffic over the internet


  • If you have been reading this section from the beginning then you realize that the benefits have been automatically answered. However, for the sake of simplicity, let me jot down some of the points; more like a summary.
  • Design your campaign: Decide the kind of folks your team and you need to reach out for better conversions by creating a campaign with specific attributes. Whether it is based on demographics or salary range or previous products that they have bought. Create campaigns, assign and track the performance.
  • Reach out to more people: with the help of the dialer function, reach out to more people; interact better, and set reminders in case you need to call them back.
  • Never drop a call back: set up callbacks in such a way that in case you were held up at the designated time then either your team member or your supervisor will get the reminder
  • Analysis: Dashboards, reports help you understand the direction that you need to take at all times.

Continuous improvement

One of the things in the evolution story from the time we went LIVE with our first customer a couple of years ago was the endeavour for constant upgrade, never be happy with what has been delivered (even though it checks all the requirements of the customer); always work towards a better UI and UX. Once you start the engagement, you will never ever truly get rid of us. We will always be around. You can reach us whenever you need something or have a suggestion to make things better. We are all ears. We will also monitor your team to see what they do and how we can make their life better.

Create a long term, sustainable, cost effective solution to drive your business to higher sales and better productivity. Use CREYSTO today, ask for a demo NOW

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